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Unfortunately, there are not many movies made about preemies. I have listed what I could find. Please email me  if you find others.

  • Baby Girl Scott (1987) directed by John Korty -An older couple have a premature baby
  • Born Too Soon (1993) directed by Noel Nosseck -Based on the book “Born Too Soon? true story of Emily Butterfield
  • Preemies: The Fight for Life (2000) documentary narrated by Richard Gebhardt- Details the NICU experience
  • The Child the Stork Brought Home (2000) by Gillian Goslinga-Roy -A surrogate mother has a premature baby
  • A Chance to Grow (2000) directed by Claire Panke - follows three families through the NICU experience
  • Little Man (2005) documentary directed by Nicole Conn  -Visit for more information

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