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Whether your rollercoaster car is currently climbing a crest or slipping down a slope, it is good to know that the rollercoaster is not comprised of a single car. You are not alone. Sharing with others the ups and the downs can help everyone have a more stable ride.

  • support groups for preemie parents; some are online and others not online, located in 21 states
  • a peer support group, resources, FAQs book list, and a discussion forum
  • site for preemie advocacy
  • a preemie  mailing list, forum, articles, books, and interviews
  • forum  for dads of premature babies
  • The March of Dimes has chapters in all fifty states as well as DC. The March of Dimes also features an online community for discussions and blogs
  • Family Village website lists many places on the web to find discussion groups
  • Preemies Today is the "national preemie families support network"
  • Other support groups can be found through your local community.


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