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When faced with a difficult or distressing situation, you long to know that you are not alone. You long to know that someone else has felt what you feel. Perhaps even put it in words...

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This is our child?This is Your Patient   By Peter Cumming

Welcome to Holland  By Emily Perl Kingsley

Thoughts about having a premature baby


Preemie Poetry

Preemie Poetry from
A Gift from God
A Preemie Grows Up
A Father's Wishes for His Son
Preston's Gift
Your Smile

A collection of premature baby poems



Talks given by Michael T. Hynan, father of a preemie, on the NICU experience

Helping Parents Cope wtih a High-Risk Birth:  Terror, Grief, Impotence, and Anger

Facing a Life Sentence in the NICU

Assisting the Trembling Hands that Hold the Tiny Hands: Helping High-Risk Parents Improve Neonatal Outcomes

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